2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference

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2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference Registration

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I don't know about you...

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wonder_eye.pngI don't know about you, but I...

... don't read a traditional newspaper anymore -- I'm allergic (seriously, I sneeze), but that's not why I don't read the physical version

... mix work and personal stuff on Facebook -- Unfriend me.

... find Twitter informative and fun -- Follow me or not.

EduCon = Educational Conversations

More than a few educators from our area will travel to Philadelphia later this week to participate in EduCon 2.2.  EduCon is a mashup of Educational Conversations (not, conference).  Though it is considered a conference, it is more.  Read Chris Lehmann's reflection about what EduCon has meant to SLA (Science Leadership Academy), it's teachers, parents and most importantly, its students. 

Here's a bit that really resonates with me...

The conference is about the community of people and the ideas we share. It's not a place for big speeches, it's a place for well-thought conversation. It is a place for ideas, not stuff, and there isn't much swag at all and there isn't an exhibit floor. What there is, in abundance, is really smart people who care deeply about the future of education and how we all can make it better.

I've had the pleasure of learning at EduCon since its inception. You can follow more about EduCon at its new web site... http://educon22.org/ You can check out the conversations for EduCon 2.2 here

E Readers and My Own Interest

With the recent holiday and gift giving season there has been a bit of a buzz again this year about ebook readers. I had some personal interest regarding this as I seem to have a million and one PDFs that I want to read, but never seem to be able to sit down and read them on my computer.

Part of it is simply that I get distracted, the other piece is that I want to be able to write all over the document, or save a place and it never works with the ease of sliding a pencil between the pages, or dog earing a page.

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