2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference

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2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference Registration

Deadline is July 24, 2013

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Sharing: A Moral Imperative?

A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of being a part of planning the K-12 Online Conference.  Because of my involvement in NYSCATE I decided not to continue helping with the K12 Online Conference.  But that doesn't mean that I'm not attending.  What's cool about this conference is that it's offered online for anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

Google Apps for NYS School Districts

NYIT recently announced a partnership with Google to bring Google Apps to all New York State school districts. More information about the rollout needs to be revealed before we can share more information, but it's definitely a conversation starter. 

According to Dr. Mike Doughty, Assistant Superintendent of Technology, "All of the information has still not yet emerged."  In other words, even though the announcement was for ALL NYS school districts there is no information to which BOCES will be involved.  Many details need to be shared about the overall agreement and rollout. 

In the meantime, how do you think a statewide rollout could impact your school, district or classroom?  If you already use Google Apps, how do the apps impact the learning and teaching in your school?

WE Build Program for Girls (Grades 4 & 5) @RIT

WE@RIT hosts “WE Build” Program, for Girls in Grades 4-5

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

WE@RIT introduces engineering concepts to girls in grades 4-5, in a fun way, with the WE Build Program. Participants will build a miniature dog house according to a customer’s (toy dog) needs and specifications, while learning basic teamwork, creativity, and design.

WE Build is a one-day program where participants complete a design and build project in a fun, creative, and hands-on way. Participant experience includes:  mentoring by RIT engineer students, exploring RIT campus, and taking home a personalized design project. The miniature dog house design project is personalized based on provided criteria and participant choices. Participants will also learn about alternative energy sources, be given a set of customer criteria, budget guidelines, house materials, and “money” to purchase their energy and insulation choices.

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