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SMART Board Help, Links, Resources, and Lessons

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SMART Boards Are Here!

Here are some great resources to access when using SMART Board technology:

NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer to download these files, please use Right Click > Save File As... then change the file extension from .zip to .notebook.  Then click Save to accurately save the file as a SMART Notebook file.

Here are some great games to use within instruction.  You can change these games to reflect your curriculum.  If you have any questions, just contact us.

Jeopardy 1 Hollywood Squares Connect Four
Jeopardy 2 Boogle Chutes & Ladders
Yahtzee Sorry Trivia Pursuit
Monopoly  Math Golf  Fly Swatter

The following resources have been created by educators in our component districts. If you have a lesson you'd like to share, please contact

Doreen Pietrantoni



Welcome to School


Middle School

Math/Welcome Back to School


High School

French Example

Venn Diagram