2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference

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2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference Registration

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Can Do: Stop Motion I

Some of the most important things to teach students is that they can do the things they are learning in school at home. In this Can Do series, we'll share one of the projects we're currently involved with, creating stop motion animations.  There are lots of topics and ideas you can use for making a stop motion animation of your own right at home.   ere's a list of a few things that you can use to get started:

Rochester Teen Film Festival

The Rochester Teen Film Festival is an annual celebration of youth filmmakers that evolved from the Young Filmmakers Competition in the Rochester High Falls International Film Festival. The purpose of the festival is to honor the work of urban, suburban and rural teenagers and give them an opportunity to share their stories with each other and the Greater Rochester Community. All submissions will be judged by a jury and finalists will be selected to have their films shown at the Little Theatre on August 4th.

What if school wasn't preparation for real life?

I've had the pleasure of seeing Chris Lehmann speak several times and each time he solidifies, for me, what's important about teaching, schools and education... caring.

  1. Take the 10 minutes or so to watch his most recent talk (video below) at the 140Conf in NYC
  2. Share it with someone or a group of colleagues.
  3. Discuss.


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