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15 Miles on the Erie Canal Part 2

I just returned from a trip to the World Canal Conference held in downtown Rochester.  I was tagged to present the Erie Canal State-Wide project in which fit into the Classroom Track they offered at the conference.  A room full of educators and off we went with our presentation.  Some great ideas were shared and a lot of interest was generated for the project.  We will be gearing up for a new year around January 2011.  Keep a look out for sign up information or share this project with educators you feel might be interested.

Here's a little promo video that I'd like to share - 2010 Erie Canal Project

15 Miles on the Erie Canal Part 1

We just completed our second Statewide Erie Canal Distance Learning Project.  This year we started with 28 classrooms and completed the project with 23 classrooms across New York State.

The gist of the project was to have 2 distance learning interactions with classrooms.  The first interaction was created and facilitated by M1B and used as an instructional interaction and called "Mystery through History".

We had four suspects from the early 1800's represented by video interactions that played "live".  Students interacted with the suspects and came up with reasoning on who was guilty.

Working Around Copyright

Thought that title might get your attention and no, this isn't a backdoor or loophole for you to seek out to use someone elses intellectual property.  This is an example of how one teacher, Maura Kerkezis, used a creative way to teach students about copyright and to produce their own content based on ideas from others. 

While her students were producing their own Public Service Announcements, Maura notice the majority of students picking photos off of Google Images to use within their projects.  Apparently, this sparked a discussion around whether they could just take someone's photos and the concept of copyright.  Interestingly, she encouraged students create or recreate their own photos.

This is what I would call peripheral learning.  This was not part of the curriculum.  At least, not part of the Health curriculum.  Learning that takes place along side a larger goal, learning that supports the larger goal and subsequent other learning goals. This is one of the concepts I think we, as educators and learners ourselves, need to keep in mind when venturing forth with designing and taking part in new learning experiences. 

Most educators find, while infusing technology into learning experiences, that they learn so much more as an educator and learner. 

When might have your students (or you) experienced peripheral learning?


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