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2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference Registration

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Google Apps for NYS School Districts

NYIT recently announced a partnership with Google to bring Google Apps to all New York State school districts. More information about the rollout needs to be revealed before we can share more information, but it's definitely a conversation starter. 

According to Dr. Mike Doughty, Assistant Superintendent of Technology, "All of the information has still not yet emerged."  In other words, even though the announcement was for ALL NYS school districts there is no information to which BOCES will be involved.  Many details need to be shared about the overall agreement and rollout. 

In the meantime, how do you think a statewide rollout could impact your school, district or classroom?  If you already use Google Apps, how do the apps impact the learning and teaching in your school?

Horizon Report: K-12 Edition

Last May, during the ITS Forum there was a discussion of running a study group around the K-12 Horizon Report. 

"...the 2010 Horizon Report: K-12 Edition, examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning and creative expression within the environment of pre-college education."

This group study would take place on the ITS Community Site where members would share their thoughts and reflections on the Horizon Report as well as possibly share any related experiences in their schools. 

If you are interested in being a part of this group study, please contact Brian (BrianC_Smith@boces.monroe.edu). 

ITS Topic Survey Results

You spoke and decided our direction for topics!  Thank you to all who participated.  If you didn't participate in this survey, don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunities to join the fun in the sharing, discussion and debate on these topics.  Without further adieu... the topics that will be our focus on the ITS Community site and the ITS Forum page are below.

  1. Learning (technology supported)
  2. Teaching Trends (strategies, technologies, etc.)
  3. Learning Environments (Google Apps, Moodle, etc.)
  4. Web 2.0

ITS Forum Topic Survey Results

While not all topics will be our focus, the rest are relevant and important to what you do each day.  Given that, the remaining topics (including the write in topics) will not be forgotten or ignored.  The following will garner attention here as well.

  • Assessment
  • Effective Practice
  • Professional Development
  • Technology Skills Assessment
  • Student Portfolios
  • Coaching
  • Impact of Technology on Learning & Teaching
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital Textbooks (eBooks)

Please consider joining the ITS Community site to participate in these discussions.  Joining is easy.  Create new account to get started and then share it with a colleague who may be interested in following along or joining the discussion!   

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