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2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference Registration

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Are you 2.0?

This was borrowed from the fine folks over at the WYNRIC...

The following questions are to help you gauge where you are with using Web 2.0 technologies and to give you a sense of where you might begin.

   1. Do you read blogs regularly?
   2. Do you comment on blogs that you read?
   3. Do you write regularly on a blog site?
   4. Do you subscribe to blogs you read?
   5. Do you have a network of people you connect with online?
   6. Do you have a way to easily produce information for the web?
   7. Do you allow readers the ability to comment on your work online?
   8. Do you share a calendar or documents via the web?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions you are more savvy than you know.  Share your responses in the comments area. 

Are your students published?

I stumbled across a new site that can help get students writing and their writing is published.  Okay, I didn't stumble across it, I have to admit my sister, who is an educator in Michigan shared Tween Tribune with me.  Tween Tribune is a FREE site that allows students to interact with the news, while fulfilling requirements for language arts, computer skills, and other classes.  Students can read news events that are relevant to them with age appropriate world and national news.

Be Less Helpful: Part II

More from the Be Less Helpful guru, Dan Meyer...



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