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Instructional Technology Services

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The Monroe #1 BOCES Instructional Technology Specialists provide services to component districts through the Instructional Computing (519) and Model Schools (521) Co-Sers. In order to enhance student learning, we are dedicated to providing teachers with quality staff development and support through the use of educational technologies.

Our goal is to provide educators with the information and resources they need to improve student learning through the use of technology. For more information on the services please take a look at our website at http://its.monroe.edu. If you have questions about the services we provide, or comments about this site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Brian C. Smith
(585) 383-6630

Brian joined Monroe #1 BOCES as an Instructional Technology Specialist in July of 2005. He holds a bachelors degree from SUNY College at Brockport and a Master's degree in Math, Science & Technology from St. John Fisher College. Prior to joining BOCES Brian taught in the Webster Central School District for nine years and served as a building "TechnoCoach" for 5 years. He resides in Webster with his wife, Wendy, and three children.

Doreen Pietrantoni

(585) 249-7221

Doreen joined Monroe #1 BOCES as an Instructional Technology Specialist in October of 2007.  She holds a bachelors degree in Cultural Studies with a concentration in English and a Masters degree in English/Language Arts from CanisiusCollege.  Prior to joining BOCES, Doreen worked for Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES training and supporting DataMentor and AccelerateU, and taught in both the GatesChiliSchool District and GreeceCentralSchool District.  She resides in Greece with her husband, Mark, and three children.

    • Assist teachers with the implementation of best practice models of technology integration.
    • Provide staff development opportunities for teachers.
    • Support the use of equipment and software acquired through this program in accordance to the Co-Ser stipulations.
    • Facilitate distance learning opportunities for teachers.
    • Assist curriculum writers in identifying technology related resources.
    • Support district instructional technology initiatives.